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Developer's Jukebox


This Eclipse 3.3 plug-in let's you import mp3 files (can stay anywhere on disk) and play them. The tag information is stored in an XML file. You can change artists, albums and titles of the tracks, rate them from 0 to 5 and organize them in playlists. Drag and drop is supported as well as undo/redo.

Currently, you can only play tracks that have been imported to the library. I don't think this is a limitation, but if you have a different opinion, go ahead and request it in the tracker.

Planned features for 1.0 release

  • Synchronizing library and tags (either on demand or continuously)
  • Random playing
  • Filters that can be used as playlists


EMF 2.3 is required. If you don't have an eclipse distribution with EMF, you can download it in the project download section. Then, download and extract the other two archives.

As a simpler alternative, you can use the update site . If you don't have EMF, check the Europa Discovery Site as well in the update site dialog.


First open the "Jukebox" perspective


You can drag files or folders from any application to one of the Jukebox views. Currently, the actual destination is not evaluated. This will be done later. Alternatively, open the Eclipse import wizard and from the category "Jukebox" choose the wizard "Music Files". Choose a folder on your disk and press OK to import all music files contained in the folder and it's sub folders.

Note: If you import the same disk file a second time, it is simply skipped.


You can play by double clicking or by using the context menu. Or you can drag tracks or playlist items to the Playing Now view. Or you can use the play button. But it has two functionalities, so watch how it works.


By clicking a selected item or hitting F2, you can edit it. In tables, only the selected track will be changed. In trees, all contained tracks will change as well.

Drag & drop and copy/paste work in most situations where it makes sense.
Note: If you turn sorting off, then you can change the order of artists and albums with DnD.

A nice feature is that it's no problem to edit items while they are played. This is the reason why a dirty indicator is stored for every file. So all changed files can easily be updated later (planned for 1.0).
Note: Currently, any editing will be saved in the library XML file but will NOT be written back to the tracks.


You can create playlists by clicking one of the buttons in the playlist view or by right-clicking the "Playlists" node in Media library or any playlist folder. Presently (0.7.8), you can only add tracks to a playlist with drag & drop.


You can use the Eclipse search dialog to search for music files. The page displaying search results can be set to table or tree mode (tree is not complete right now).

Ratings and decorations

You can rate your tracks from 0 to 5. Artist and albums containing good tracks will be displayed in big and/or bold font. Criteria can be customized in the Jukebox preference page.

Libraries used

The following open source java sound libraries are used:
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